Supervisor - Jeana Faherty - 978-815-1505

    If your child is in school, but will not be attending the program as scheduled (they are a bus/car rider) C.A.R.E.S. must be notified. You may call, email or write a separate note clearly marking it for CARES. Please also indicate the date so there is no confusion.

    Phone calls can be made to our cell phone (978) 815-1505 and you can leave a message at any time or email Ms. Faherty


    Homework is offered as a choice every afternoon except Fridays and a staff member is always available to assist your child with questions. 

    We will encourage all children to take advantage of this time, but please note that due to the nature of our programwe do not check backpacks to see if a child has homework or if it is completed. It is ultimately their responsibility to get their work done and the family’s responsibility to make sure it is complete and/or correct.  


    6:45-7:15 Check In & Free Time
    7:15-8:00 Gym or Outside
    8:00 Breakfast
      Computer Lab
    8:25 Line up for school


    2:55 Check in
    3:20 Snack
    3:45 Gym or Outside
      Computer Lab
    5:30 Free Time in the cafeteria
    5:45 Program closes


     Drop off is in the cafeteria. Please use the pin pad by the back door by the loading dock to enter the building & make sure you sign your child in each morning.

    **Children should not be using the pin pad at any time, if seen you will be given a new parent code**



    A light breakfast  will be available each morning. Please note that  breakfast  is served by 8:00.  If you know you will not be able to get your child to C.A.R.E.S. by 8:00 a.m., please make sure they have breakfast before they come. Thanks!

    PICK UP 

     Pick up in the afternoon is in the cafeteria. Please use the pin pad by the back door by the dumpsters to enter the building & make sure you sign your child out each afternoon.
    * If you arrive before 3:30, please make sure to check in with staff located in the cafeteria and we will call your child down from check in. We ask that you don’t arrive before 3:05 as this is a busy transition time with the bus dismissal.Always have identification with you in the event that you are asked to present it at pick-up.  Likewise, if you send anyone else to pick up your child, let the staff know ahead of time and please be certain that you inform that person that they must have a picture ID with them.

    **Unless you have an appointment with the teacher, it is asked that parents do not visit their child’s classroom after-school.

    Pick-up time is by 5:45. We ask that if for some reason you cannot make it before 5:45 that you try to secure an alternate pick-up for your child and make C.A.R.E.S. aware of the situation. There is a late fee that goes into effect at 5:46. The charge is $15 for the first 1-10 minutes and $1.00 per minute thereafter.