Chromebook Use Guidelines

  • A. Use your Chromebook as a tool for learning. 

    1. You are responsible for having a fully charged Chromebook to use each day in school.    
    2. Teachers will determine when and if Chromebooks will be open and used in class.   
    3. Academic use always takes priority over personal use in school.
    4. If you have a leased Chromebook, it is intended to be used primarily by you both at school and at home.
    5. Parents are responsible for supervising your Internet use when at home. School filtering services used on the District network will not work at home. However, Google Safe Search has been activated for all student Google Apps for Ed accounts whether in or out of the district network.
    6. You are responsible for maintaining your home network and Internet service.
    7. The OIT may request that you bring your Chromebook to their respective locations if needed for updates and maintenance.  


    B. Abide by the WPS Acceptable Use and Social Media policies.  

    The following list is a summary. Make sure to review the full policies annually.  It is one of the policies that will be signed off on digitally at the beginning of each school year when the student emergency information is filled out/reviewed in Aspen.  

    1. You must always practice good digital citizenship
    2. You may access only appropriate documents and media.
    3. You may not harass, bully, cyber-bully, or threaten others in any way.  
    4. You must use appropriate language in all communications.
    5. You must not attempt to gain access to unauthorized accounts, files or devices.  
    6. You must not attempt to bypass the district's web filtering or Google Safe Search.
    7. You must abide by copyright laws. You must not plagiarize works or illegally download files, music, movies or other commercial files.   
    8. You must keep all personal information private, including passwords, user IDs, home address, and phone numbers as well as those of other students and teachers.
    9. You must not photograph, make audio or video recordings without the consent of those being recorded.


    C. Be responsible for your loan agreement.

    1. Make payments regularly and on time.  
    2. Report any financial difficulties ASAP to the WPS OIT 978-694-6071


    D. Know what you can and cannot install.

    1. Do not uninstall any software or operating system component that has been preloaded on your Chromebook by school staff.  
    2. District tech support may restore the software to the standard configuration in order to deal with issues caused by user-installed software.
    3. Issues requiring service or repair may necessitate wiping and re-enrolling the Chromebook to restore it to the original configuration.


    E. Take good care of equipment and files.

    1. You are responsible for backing up all your files on a regular basis. WPS is not responsible for data lost because of failure to backup files.
    2. Do not leave your Chromebook unattended. Make sure your Chromebook is stored in a safe, secure environment, e.g. do not leave it in your car overnight, even if it is locked.  
    1. If your Chromebook is leased from WPS, do not mark the Chromebook in any way with markers, stickers, etc.
    2. Do not insert foreign objects (paperclips, pens, etc.) into the ports (openings) of the Chromebook.
    3. Do not eat or drink near the Chromebook. There should never be any food or drink around the Chromebook. If you do spill liquid on your leased Chromebook, immediately turn it off, leave it off and bring it to the WPS OIT.  
    4. Chromebooks should not be left in extreme heat or cold, e.g. in your car, in these conditions.
    5. Do not use water or other cleaning solutions on the Chromebook unless they are approved for use on electronics. Wipe the surfaces lightly with a clean soft cloth. Always avoid touching the screen.  
    6. We recommend that you store and transport your Chromebook in an appropriate protective case
    7. Do not loan your Chromebook to someone else if it is on loan to you from the District.  
    8. Do not damage, degrade the performance of, or abuse anyone else's Chromebook in any way.
    9. Bring Chromebooks in need of repair to an authorized Dell Chromebook Service Center or OIT. Do not try to repair a Chromebook yourself if it is on loan to you from the District.


    Click here to download a PDF copy of these guidelines.