Shawsheen/West PAC

  • The Shawsheen/West PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is a group of parents/guardians who work closely with school administration from both the Shawsheen Elementary and the West Intermediate Schools and are very dedicated to helping our schools be the best they can be. The PAC conducts fundraising activities that provide funds for grants for teachers, enrichment programs for classrooms, and much, much more.
    Every parent/guardian of a child attending the Shawsheen or West is already a PAC member. Sign up for emails to keep up to date with meetings, events, fundraisers, reminders, etc.  PAC meetings are generally held once per month during the school year and alternate with day and night meeting times.  Attendance is encouraged as it offers you an opportunity to receive personal updates of school happenings from the Principals and allows you to share your opinions on fundraisers and how the money is spent.  Even if you are unable to attend the meetings on a regular basis, the PAC offers ample opportunities for parents to become involved in school events that they sponsor by volunteering time and supplies. You do not have to attend meetings to volunteer for PAC events.  The best part of the PAC is that every parent can have a voice in what goes on, not just a select group of people. All it takes is attending a monthly PAC meeting.
    More information and updates are available on our website.
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