Health Services

  • Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice

    © National Association of School Nurses, 2015 - posted with permission

    The mission of our comprehensive school health services is to maintain school health for all aspects of development so every student will succeed in school; physically, emotionally, intellectually & socially. In order to accomplish such optimal wellness, we must develop a strong link between parents, school, community resources and the school health office. The role of the school nurse has been expanded to include the following:

    • Illness assessment, referral & followup
    • Routine & emergency first aid treatment
    • Infection control
    • Environmental health & safety
    • Health education & consultation to students, staff & parents
    • Health counseling
    • Mandated screenings
    • Medication administration
    • Case management of children with special needs
    • Mental health screening & referral
    • Emergency care planning

    You are strongly encouraged to communicate any health concerns/developments to your child’s school nurse. Together we can help your child succeed.

Health Docs and Forms