Give and Take

  • The Wilmington School Business Partnership is a collaborative effort by local business, community agencies, and the school system to establish a cooperative, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

    In an effort to enable the community and businesses within the Wilmington community to assist the schools, this exchange was developed with the intent of providing a forum where goods and services can be requested or offered. Listed below are items specifically requested by teachers and staff at our schools.

    If you want to offer a tax-deductible good or service or if you are part of the Wilmington School District and want to request a good or service, email Chris Phillips at We thank you for your participation and your efforts to continually improve our schools.

    School Library Needs
    Description of request:  The library is need of  the following:

    • Magazine subscriptions to Business Week and People.
    • Materials to support Enligh Learners Program
    • Funding for digital materials that support h igh school curriculum
    • Various Needed School Supplies
    • Various/District wide

    Description of request:  If you can provide any part of the following, contact us!

    • Pads of Chart paper
    • binders
    • Kleenex/tissues
    • paper
    • pens and pencils
    • notebooks
    • folders
    • Large, heavy duty white boards (4×8, 4×12)
    • White board faced easel
    • Magnetic boards


    Sponsor Travel Abroad Experiences


    Description of request: have local businesses somehow help to sponsor our travel abroad experiences in some way.  For example, my Costa Rica trip involves cultural understanding, volunteerism, environmental biology….if there are any businesses that have an interest in that; I’d love to try to create some sort of partnership/sponsorship.

    Also, if there any that want to help support our “green” missions – that’s more of an Environmental Club tie in.


    Guest Speakers Wanted

    Description of request: Teachers of various disciplines are looking for those in the community who can spend some time in the class room:

    Native Spanish speakers
    Speakers to talk about Wilmington’s history and Wilmington’s buried time capsules when reading Our Town in 10th grade English.
    An editor to come and go through the editing and revision process.
    A publisher to go through the publishing process.
    A published writer/poet to come in and speak about the writing process and read from his/her pieces.
    A person with strong background on American history and literature to come and talk to 11th grade classes.
    A Vietnam veteran to come and talk about his experience in the war when reading The Things They Carried in 12th grade English.
    Speakers to read the same book one of our classes is reading and come in and lead a book discussion.
    Financial planner to talk to our Managing Your Money classes
    Business employees who can talk with our Introduction to Business, Marketing and Management, Accounting, Business Law and Ethics, or Entrepreneurship classes – if you are interested and willing, we will find a class that will want to listen!


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