Special Education



    A. What is Special Education?


    Special education is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of the student, and may include related services necessary to benefit from the specially designed instruction. (DESE, TEchnical resource guide, 2001).


    B. What is the eligibility criteria for Special Education in Massachusetts? MA DESE 


    Eligibility Criteria:


    •   Is your child currently making effective progress in school? 
      •  "If the student has one or more of the disabilities defined at 603 CMR 28.02(7) and if, as a result of the disability(ies), the student is unable to progress effectively in the general education program without the provision of specially designed instruction, or is unable to access the general curriculum without the provision of one or more related services, the Team shall determine that the student is eligible." (MA DESE)
    •   Is the child's lack of effective progress a result of the disability?
      • "Consistent with state and federal special education law, the Team shall establish whether a student has a disability(ies) as defined in 603 CMR 28.02(7), determine the type(s) of disability(ies) and shall ensure that the student's inability to progress is a result of the disability(ies) and not a result of an inability to meet the school discipline code, limited English proficiency, social maladjustment, or lack of instruction in reading or math." (MA DESE)
    • Does the student require specially designed instruction in order to make effective progress in school or does the student require related services in order to access the general curriculum?
    • If the answers to all of the above questions is yes,  your child is eligible for special education services in Massachusetts.






    Parent Notice of Procedural Safeguards

    Parents Guide to Special Education





For more information about the special education services that are available in the Wilmington Public School district, please contact a member of the staff below:


  • Special Education is located at: 

    Wildwood Early Childhood Center
    182 Wildwood Street
    Wilmington, MA 01887

    Phone: 978 694-6032
    Fax: 978 657-9764