Wildwood Building Project



Wildwood School Building Committee Overview:

In May of 2020 the Wilmington School Committee and the Wilmington Board of Selectman authorized the Superintendent of Schools to submit to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Statement of Interest Applications for our six (6) elementary schools and prioritized the Wildwood Elementary School’s application as the school that has the most urgent needs.

In April of 2021, the MSBA Board of Directors voted to invite the Wildwood Elementary School into the MSBA Eligibility Period.  Wilmington was one of 15 school districts out of 71 who applied for assistance and was invited into the MSBA eligibility period. We are extremely fortunate that the MSBA has agreed to partner with our community and study possible solutions for the Wildwood.

This invitation kicks off a long journey for our community as we explore the future of the Wildwood. We will regularly include updates and developments on the project for the community on our website.

Video Tour of Wildwood School (21/22 SY):


Wildwood School Building Committee Members:

Dr. Glenn Brand, School Superintendent, Committee Chair

Jeffrey M. Hull, Town Manager

Gregory B. Bendel, Board of Selectmen

David A. Ragsdale, School Committee

George W. Hooper II, Public Buildings Superintendent

Paul Ruggiero, Assistant Superintendent of Administration & Finance, Committee Vice Chair

Bryan T. Perry, Finance Director/Town Accountant

Marianne Gallezzo, Finance Committee

Diane M. Allan, Permanent Building Committee

John C. Holloway, Permanent Building Committee

Paul J. Melaragni, Permanent Building Committee

Mary Jane Byrnes, School Committee Alternate

Melissa D. Plowman, School Committee Alternate

Kevin A. Caira, Board of Selectmen Alternate

Kristen Walsh, School Principal Alternate


Wildwood School Building Committee Meeting Dates:

  • October 3, 2022- Virtual Wildwood School Update