Looking for the printable school year calendar PDF? It is under the WPS School Year Calendar section at the bottom.

This calendar will display events from any of our district/school calendars. If you would like to filter the calendars on screen, use the down arrow next to "Agenda" to choose the ones you want to display. That will also show you the colors used for each. For those who may want to see the key at the same time as the events:

District Dark Green   North Intermediate Green
CARES Purple   Shawsheen Blue
High School Dark Red   Woburn Street Pink
Middle School Light Blue   Boutwell Light Purple
West Intermediate Orange   Wildwood Red

* Event colors apply to events with and without specific times. Events that have a color block are events without a time indicated (all-day events) and those with just text occur at a specific time during the day.

Initial value