Kindergarten Q and A

  • Where do Kindergarten Registration and Screening take place?

    Kindergarten and Preschool Registration is held each year at the school your son/daughter will attend.  The site for screening this year for all Wildwood and Boutwell students is at the Wildwood Early Childhood Center.  Specific dates and times for both registration and screening will be published in the newspaper, on the school website, and advertised on WCTV.

    When will my child receive his/her teacher assignment?

    Kindergarten teacher assignments will be included in the summer packet of information mailed at the end of June.

    When will my child receive his/her bus stop?

    Bus assignments and stop information will be available for pick up on the evening of Parent Orientation at the end of August.  Kindergarten bus routes are not published in the newspaper.

    Does my child have to ride the bus?

    All students registering for kindergarten will receive a bus assignment and stop; however, you may choose to pick up/drop off your child if you do not want them to ride the bus.  We encourage parents/guardians to establish a set transportation schedule for their child at the start of the school year in order to minimize confusion and anxiety for their child.

    How early can I drop my child off at school?

    Car riders can be dropped off as early as 7:45 AM and will be considered tardy after the school day begins at 8:00 AM.

    What if my child has a food allergy or other medical issues?

    We encourage parents of students who have life threatening food allergies or other medical concerns to contact the school nurse as soon as possible so that your child’s needs can be discussed in detail before the start of the school year.

    What should my child bring for snack?

    All classrooms at the early childhood centers are peanut free/tree nut free, and therefore classroom snacks must be approved each day by the teacher and/or educational assistant.  A list of peanut free snacks will be provided at orientation to assist families in choosing “safe” snacks.  All snack items should be accompanied by an ingredient label indicating that the product does not contain peanuts and was not produced in a factory where peanut products are made.  Peanut/tree nut products may be consumed at lunch time as procedures have been established to protect students with life threatening food allergies in the cafeteria.

    What should my child bring for lunch?

    Kindergarten and full day preschool students have the option to bring lunch from home or purchase lunch at school.  Lunch menus are available online or hard copies can be found in the front office as well.

    What time is dismissal?

    Dismissal for all kindergarten students is at 1:15 PM.  A district calendar will be provided in the summer packet of information and will note any early release days scheduled for the early childhood centers and/or the district.

    Will my child participate in specialists?

    Every kindergarten student will participate in physical education, art, music, library, and computers on a weekly basis.

    Are there opportunities to volunteer throughout the year?

    There are many opportunities to get involved in the school community.  During the parent orientation in August, parents/guardians will have a chance to hear about all of the different ways to help out either in the school or your child’s classroom.

    Who should I contact if I have specific questions about the school or my child’s classroom?

    Once your child has been assigned a classroom teacher, most classroom specific questions should be directed to the classroom teacher.  Classroom teachers can be reached via phone at the front office or email.  Building based questions can be directed to the Head Teacher who can also be reached at the front office or by email.  Email addresses and front office phone numbers can be accessed from our staff list located on our website.