Northside PAC

  • The Northside PAC is a collaboration of parents, guardians and school officials from both the Woburn Street and North Intermediate Schools who work together to enhance our children’s educational experience and exists to increase home and school communication, provide cultural and family activities, and sponsor fund-raising activities to supplement the school budget.

    Every parent/guardian of a child attending WSS or NIS is a PAC member. PAC meetings are generally held once per month during the school year. Attendance is encouraged and necessary if you wish to vote on activities and allocation of funds. The meetings also offer an opportunity to receive personal updates of school happenings from the Principals of each school as well as the Teaching Staff. Even if you are unable to attend the meetings on a regular basis, the PAC offers ample opportunities for parents to become involved in school events that they sponsor by volunteering time and supplies. You do not have to attend meetings to volunteer for PAC events.  The best part of the PAC is that every parent can have a voice in what goes on, not just a select group of people. All it takes is attending the monthly PAC meeting.

    Please add the PAC schedule listed below to your family calendar. 

    Northside PAC 2018-2019

    Co-President Kim Martiniello 

    Co-President Briane Santo 

    Treasurer Janet Hannigan 

    Enrichment WSS Kara Pereira 

    Enrichment NIS Jo Newhouse 

    Rewards Program Coordinator Jenn Kwiatkowski



  • December 5th 9:00 AM Woburn Street School 

    January 3rd 9:00 AM North Intermediate School 

    February 7th 9:00 AM North Intermediate School 

    March 6th 9:00 AM Woburn Street School 

    April Meeting – To Be Scheduled 

    May Meeting – To Be Scheduled 

    June 5th 9:00 AM Woburn Street School