School Start Time Committee


The Wilmington Public Schools is currently considering the implications of school start times on adolescents’ mental health and well-being, and potential impacts of changing school start times within the district. This webpage will serve as a place for resources and information for parents, faculty and staff. We encourage you to visit often. As the conversation continues, we will share updates here.

Guiding Principles:

Recognizing that the mission of Wilmington Public Schools is to educate and develop students academically, socially, and emotionally to be active, civic-minded contributors to our global society; and given the rising scientific evidence of the importance of adequate sleep for the physical and emotional health of students; the Wilmington Public Schools is undertaking an evaluation of the feasibility of shifting school start times for secondary students. This effort is collaborative among representatives of all stakeholders – students, families, WPS staff, and community members – and will include the opportunity for feedback via means of surveys and community meetings, an evaluation of the financial impact of alternatives under consideration, and result in a recommended course of action to the Wilmington School Committee for their vote.

Committee Members

Dr. Glenn Brand- Superintendant of Schools

Research & Education:

  • Jamie Bornstein - Parent
  • Doreen Crowe - WPS Staff
  • Bonnie Gorrasi -WPS Staff/Subcommittee Coordinator
  • Ellen Hounsel - Parent
  • Michele Kitanov - Parent
  • Pia Romano - Parent
  • Patrick Xavier - Student

Communication & Outreach:

  • Akash Chatterjee - Student
  • Susan LeFave - Parent
  • Jonathan Merenda - School Administration/Co-Coordinator
  • Jacquie Raffi - Central Office
  • Lilly Rubin - Student
  • Laura Stinson - WPS Staff/Co-Coordinator

Scenario & Option Development:

  • Lisa Faretra - WPS Staff
  • Lisa Federic i- WPS Staff
  • Ed Harrison - WPS Staff
  • Amy Largenton - Parent
  • Brenda McConologue - WPS Staff
  • Shari Parker - WPS Staff
  • David Ragsdale - School Committee Member
  • Paul Ruggiero - Central Office/Co-Coordinator
  • Kevin Welch -School Administration/Co-Coordinator