Student Records Requests

The Wilmington Public Schools and Office of Student Support Services abides by CMR 603 23.00 regarding the request for all student records. Request for records include but are not limited to, entire student record, transcipts, previous report cards, copies of IEPs, copies of previously completed reports. Unless electronic communications are deliberately printed and placed in a student's temporary record, or deliberately saved to an electronic file related to an individual child they are not considered part of a Wilmington Public Schools student record.

The following guidelines will apply:

1. Upon written request the district will provide within 10 days a copy of all student record documents to the eligible student/ guardian or legally authorized individual.

2. A fee will apply for all records requests in accordance with CMR 603 23.00. The requestor will be made aware of the fee total prior to pick up.

3. The district will notify the requestor when records are available for pick up including date and time.

4. Fees, when appropriate, must be paid prior to records being provided.

5. Only a parent/guardian or their designee may request student records in accordance with CMR 603 23.00. In certain circumstances the requestor may need to provide proof of guardianship/legal access permission.

While the Office of Student Support Services works to fill requests as quickly as possible, given the volume we are no longer able to accommodate same day or walk in records requests.

Additional Records regulations are listed below.

Parents Notice of Procedural Safeguards

Student Record Regulations