The Wilmington Teachers’ Association (WTA) is a multifaceted organization. We are the exclusive, certified collective bargaining agent for employees (Teachers, Directors, Secretaries, Educational Assistants, Educational Tutors, and Long-term Substitutes) with respect to wages, hours and other conditions of employment. As is evident, our broad constituency has an impact on the lives of every Wilmington student. Our working conditions are our students learning conditions.

We are a source of information and Professional Development. The WTA in conjunction with MTA sponsor workshops, seminars and meetings dealing with current “Hot-Button” educational issues.

Each year the WTA rewards, with a scholarship, a deserving Wilmington High School graduate who is interested in pursuing a career in education.

At our Annual WTA Party, we honor our members. Engraved mounted crystal apples are given to those who have completed 25 years of service to the children of Wilmington. At this event, we also celebrate the distinguished careers of our retirees with a special significant gift.

State Organization – Massachusetts Teachers’ Association – MTA http://massteacher.org/

National Organization – National Education Association – NEA http://nea.org/

Massachusetts Department of Education – http://www.doe.mass.edu/