Bullying and Harassment


The Wilmington Public Schools is pleased to publish an updated version of its Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan (BPIP).  After being updated by the district leadership team members,  a draft of the new BPIP was published online for public comment from June 11- June 30, 2021.  During this public comment period, eleven (11) members of the community provided feedback. The Behavioral Health Taskforce was then consulted for final feedback before publication.  Much of the feedback was incorporated into the final version of the BPIP, which is now published on the district’s webpage and available in each school office as well as the district office (Roman House).  Most of the updates made were clerical in nature however, feedback provided by some survey respondents will help inform our annual training to all staff to ensure the policies and procedures are implemented as intended. 

The Wilmington Public Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan meets the requirements of M.G.L. c. 71, S370 and is modeled after the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Model Plan for dealing with bullying behaviors in our schools.

Si necesita el plan distrital de prevención e intervención contra el acoso escolar en español, envíe un correo electrónico a  Susan MacDonald.