Chromebooks 1:1

1:1 Chromebook Program Overview

The Wilmington Public Schools utilizes a Chromebook Bring Your Own Device program for grades 6 through 12. Students have two options for obtaining a device.

  • Preferred Option - Families will provide a Chromebook for the student to use. A Chromebook can be purchased through our Wilmington Dell purchase portal or they may purchase one on their own through a number of other sources. While a Mac/PC laptop or tablet could also be used, we strongly recommend students use a Chromebook.
  • Utilize a loaner Chromebook - Families that do not wish to or are unable to purchase a device will be provided a loaner Chromebook. The Chromebook will be assigned and picked up at the start of the school year and must be returned by the last day of school. Families are responsible for the cost of repairs from damage or to replace the Chromebook if it is lost or stolen. Normal wear and tear issues are covered by the School District

We also have a pool of daily loaner Chromebooks if the student has a temporary issue or forgets to bring their device to school. The daily loaners should not be relied upon for regular use as the student has to check in each morning to pick up a loaner device and return it at the end of each school day. The daily loaners are not available to take home.

Registration Survey

Parents/Guardians of incoming 6th grade or new students to Wilmington are asked to fill out the Chromebook Registration survey linked below.  This survey will collect your Chromebook Purchase plan for 2024-2025 so we may plan for the new school year.

Purchasing your Chromebook

We ask incoming 6th-grade parents to purchase a Chromebook for their students for the start of the 2024-2025 school year. You may purchase the Chromebook on your own or through a Dell sales portal we have linked below. The Dell model is available at a base price of $259 with additional options of extended warranties at additional cost.  You can also receive a 5% off coupon by filling out the form on this web page - Use coupon registration code WPSK12_US.

The Dell 3110 model is a rugged model with a tough screen and case. This is a similar model we use in our fleet of loaner devices and Chromebook carts and we stock repair parts for this model. Use the link below and choose “Shop Chromebooks” to make a selection.  We recommend the model with a non-touch screen, 4 GB of ram and 64 GB of storage. 

If you choose to purchase a Chromebook on your own or reuse an existing one, we suggest a model with at least an 11” screen, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. There is no need to purchase a model with additional RAM or storage space as a Chromebook stores everything in the cloud. While touch screen models are fancier to use, please keep in mind the screen replacement cost is much higher should the screen become damaged.

Dell 3110 Chromebook sales portal -

Dell 5% off coupon -  Use coupon registration code WPSK12_US

Chromebook Registration Night

After you have filled out the online registration form and purchased your Chromebook, you will be asked to attend one of the Chromebook Registration nights held in mid to late August. During this registration session, we will record the serial number and model of the Chromebook you have purchased and enroll your student’s Chromebook into our management console. Dates for the Chromebook registration nights will be announced in July.

Chromebook Management

It is strongly recommended that Student Chromebooks have a school-provided Google Management license installed at all times. This management license allows the district to push software and settings to the device. This management license does not interrupt your ownership of the Chromebook nor provide us access or control to personal accounts that may be used on the Chromebook. Below are some FAQs about the Google Management system.

Management Console FAQs

  • Why do you require enrollment in the management console?
    • The enrollment in the management console allows us to push applications to the Chromebook such as TestNav for MCAS testing. It also allows us to push wireless network settings down to the Chromebook and allows us to track the device location more easily on our school network should the device become lost or stolen.
  • Can I still log into the Chromebook with a personal Google account?
    • Yes - there is no restriction on using any other Google or Guest account. You may log in by entering your full personal email address on the login prompt.
  • Does this allow you to track or control my personal Google account?
    • No - we cannot track or control any personal Google account use or data through the management console. Our only tracking and control of user account activity are when a school Google account is used. Any use of a school Google account is tracked and managed no matter what device the account is used on and does not require the device to be enrolled in our management console.
  • Can I still install extensions and manage the Chromebook?
    • While we restrict and control extensions that can be used under the school Google accounts, we have no ability to manage or control any usage under a personal Google account. You can freely install and use any extension with a personal Google account, and most extensions under a school Google account.
  • What happens if my child leaves the Wilmington Schools?
    • Once your child withdraws or graduates from the Wilmington Schools we will remove the Chromebook from our management console. The Chromebook can then be reset to factory settings to fully remove Wilmington’s management settings from the Chromebook. Nothing is lost by resetting to factory settings. All data and user configurations are stored in the cloud under the user account.
  • Can I refuse to have the management license installed?
    • While we strongly recommend that the management license be installed, since the Chromebook is your property you can refuse. However, there is no downside to having the device managed. Chromebooks without a management license limit what technical support we can provide. Any monitoring of your student’s activity is possible through the use of their school Google account on any device. The management license does not provide us any additional monitoring abilities.

Chromebook Support

The Wilmington Schools OIT Department provides free technical support for managed family-owned Chromebooks and school-owned Chromebooks. The High School and Middle Schools have a morning help desk where students may seek help or via email at [email protected].

Home Web Content Filtering

The Wilmington Schools utilize web content filtering software for all devices when they are on our school network. Content filters operate by blocking access to sites based on a list of inappropriate sites or using keywords to block access. Should the content filter miss an inappropriate site, we have the ability to add that site to the blocked list.

Unfortunately, our content filter does not filter devices when they are not on the school network. Parents may want to consider some options for filtering at home. Below is a link to a PC Magazine article listing some different filtering options. OpenDNS also offers some free filtering options to consider ( Your internet provider will likely also have parental controls you can use to manage your student’s access at home.