Home Schooling

Wilmington Public Schools

Home School Education Process

For Parents/Guardians

In Massachusetts there is no status specifically governing homeschooling. Instead, the attendance statute applies.  Students between the minimum age of 6 and maximum age of 16 are required to attend school unless otherwise instructed in a manner approved by the school committee.  The school committee recognizes the rights of parents/guardians to provide home school programs for their child(ren) as an alternative to attending the Wilmington Public Schools. 

A student being educated through a home school education program may be granted access to public school activities of curricular, co-curricular and/or extracurricular nature if the class or activity is developmentally appropriate, scheduling is practical and space is available, established criteria for participation in the class or activity have been met by the student, and if participation has the prior approval of the school Principal and Superintendent. Certain factors apply when establishing a homeschool program and are articulated in the School Committee Policy on Home School Education, specifically IHBG and IHBG-R. The process below incorporates requirements that both parents/guardians and school officials must follow in establishing and implementing a home school education program.

Parents/guardians must complete the Home Schooling Application to show their intent to pursue a home education program and submit it to the Superintendent’s Office at least fourteen (14) school days before the home school program is scheduled to begin, but no later than October 1st of the school year. If an application/notice of intent is not received by that time, a wellness check will be requested.

For students who are eligible for special education and receive an Individual Education Program (IEP):

  • The Homeschool Education Plan should address the child's individual educational needs

  • Parents/guardians should engage with the Office of Student Support Services to determine how special education services with be accessed

The Superintendent and appropriate school Principal will review the home school education plan and will notify parents/guardians in writing of either the approval of the plan or need for additional information.

Parents/guardians must submit an assessment of educational progress and/or test results by the end of the school year (no later than June 30).

Parents/guardians must submit a Home Schooling Application each school year until their child turns 16 years old.


Students receiving a home school program education will not automatically receive a diploma through the Wilmington Public Schools and instead must meet certain criteria. Specifically, if your child would like to earn a high school equivalency diploma, there is the option of taking the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test). The Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education accepts passing scores on the HiSET; at which time the district may award a high school diploma if the student has satisfied the Department of Education's competency requirements and has met the District's educational standards for graduation